Battle Road Featured Image

Battle Road

By Darren Vogt
Editor: Kyla Smith

"FRO" Lombardo is a budding Synth Mage—just one type of musician found on the legendary BATTLE ROAD. Can he find his perfect band and rise to fame in a world where music and magic are one and the same?

Check and Mate Featured Image

Check and Mate

By Sam Owen
Editor: Mark Bouchard

CHECK AND MATE focuses on chess students who learn to defend their kings AND their DREAMS!

Monster World Featured Image

Monster World

By Victor Santiago and Markk JC
Editor: Alberto Rayo

Five gamers embark on the adventure of their lives in MONSTER WORLD!

Pancake Johnson Featured Image

Pancake Johnson:
Attorney at War

By Oliver Gerlach and Stefani Vlusha
Editor: Frankee White

When his husband is jailed for a crime he didn't commit, PANCAKE JOHNSON decides to take the law into his own (enormous) hands. The courts won't know what hit them!

Illarys Featured Image


By Jorge Santiago Jr

A half-elf girl must brave the cold wilderness as she and her younger brother flee their despotic homeland to rejoin their mother.

Living Ghosts Featured Image

Living Ghosts

By Kyla Smith

Nemura is haunted by nightmares—and not just when she’s asleep. But it seems that the only person who may be able to help her is harboring strange secrets of her own.

Revolving Sky Featured Image

Revolving Sky

By Bayleigh Underwood

A young skater from earth moves to a rotating space colony and is introduced to the world of low gravity skating.

Takeshi's Run Featured Image

Takeshi's Run

By C. Thomas Anderson

After the botched robbery of a rival gang, Takeshi Ito (a young delinquent) is forced to flee Tokyo when his bosses blame him for the lost cargo. Takeshi never intended to betray his partners, however he had little choice when he found himself at the mercy of the "cargo" he had been hired to steal.

C. Thomas Anderson Featured Image

C. Thomas Anderson

Takeshi's Run Creator

C. Thomas Anderson is an artist and writer, using traditional tools to create black and white comics and manga. He is currently working on an ongoing monthly comic, A Prince's Chef, on Webtoons, along with various commissioned works with other authors, 4 panel comics or "yonkoma" and various short stories for contests such as the Silent Manga Audition and the 2020 Tezuka Awards.

Mark Bouchard Featured Image

Mark Bouchard

Check and Mate Editor

Mark is the creator/editor of EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG: Comics on Punk & Mental Illness—a comic anthology featuring 60+ comic creators and musicians (including members of Every Time I Die, The HIRS Collective, and Mom Jeans), benefitting the Trevor Project & MusiCares. They are also the writer of the graphic novella IT TOOK LUKE, out late summer 2021, in addition to short comics in CORPUS, EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG, and DEAD BEATS from A Wave Blue World. Their work mainly consists of dark fantasy/horror and comic adaptations of punk songs.

Oliver Gerlach Featured Image

Oliver Gerlach

Pancake Johnson Co-creator, Writer

Oliver Gerlach is a writer from Edinburgh, Scotland by day, and some sort of feral academic goblin by night. His previous works include the self published Jazz Orcs, and contributions to various anthologies including Black Crown's Hey, Amateur! His current projects include a range of increasingly strange pitches in pretty much every genre you can imagine.

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Courtney Hahn

One-shot Creator

Bio coming soon!

Markk JC Featured Image

Markk JC

Monster World Co-creator, Artist

Bio coming soon!

Sam Owen Featured Image

Sam Owen

Check and Mate Creator

Sam Owen is a freelance comic artist who makes fantasy stories geared towards young adults and kids. He’s also the artist for Lumberjackula, a middle-grade graphic novel coming in 2022 from Simon Kids.

Jump Tales Logo

Alberto Rayo

Monster World Editor

Bio coming soon!

Jorge Santiago Jr Featured Image

Jorge Santiago Jr

Illarys Creator

Jorge Santiago Jr. is a Black/Latino storyteller making comics with stupid amounts of passion. Jorge has a MFA in Sequential Art and is most well known for creating Curse of the Eel and co-creating and drawing Spencer & Locke.

Victor Santiago Featured Image

Victor Santiago

Monster World Co-Creator, Writer

Victor Santiago is a writer from Pittsburgh. Since 2008 he has run The Modern Gafa, a geek life blog. He graduated from film school in 2014 and then retired from filmmaking in 2014. He self-published his first novel Inferno in 2019.

Kyla Smith Featured Image

Kyla Smith

Battle Road Editor
Living Ghosts Creator

Kyla Smith is an Asian American cartoonist who lives in a town with an ocean view. She’s currently working on Freddie Mercury: Lover of Life, Singer of Songs with Z2 Comics plus other secret projects. Her favorite time signature is 7/8.

Bayleigh Underwood Featured Image

Bayleigh Underwood

Revolving Sky Creator

Bayleigh Underwood is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator located in North Carolina.

Stefani Vlusha Featured Image

Stefani Vlusha

Pancake Johnson Co-Creator, Artist

Stefani Vlusha is a Baltimore-based illustrator whose work explores color relationships and dynamics. They create illustrations and comics that are rich in narrative and include characters that are compelling and real.

Darren Vogt Featured Image

Darren Vogt

Battle Road Creator
Jump Tales Graphic Designer

Darren Vogt is a cartoonist and graphic designer by day, magic floating felt puppet by night. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and has many musical instruments, but can only really confidently play the drums.

Frankee White Featured Image

Frankee White

Pancake Johnson Editor

Frankee White has been writing comics for nearly a decade. Their works include 20 Fists, Starless Daydream, and Broken Bear. They live in Chicago, Illinois with their wife and three pets.


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